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Mission Statement

To broaden the workforce development field by developing and implementing comprehensive career, financial, mental health and life skills enrichment trainings, as well as affordable housing support, ensuring ardent individuals have access to the opportunities needed to prosper and become influential citizens within their communities.

Vision Statement

To prepare individuals for indelible success personally, fiscally and professionally.


To bring employee preparedness to businesses, prosperity to individuals and socioeconomic viability to communities in partnership with private and public sector agencies.


To end chronic unemployment and underemployment by consistently developing highly employable job seekers.

To facilitate staff and employment training programs and employer support services.

To work cohesively with supportive housing agencies.

To educate individuals on self-investing, community investing and financial investing.

To work in tandem with existing and upcoming agencies to combat recidivism in under-supported communities.

To aide in job placement services through collaborations with private and public agencies.

To connect individuals who are highly skilled and otherwise qualified with employment opportunities historically reserved for degreed individuals.

To incorporate human services which will alleviate barriers to accessibility.

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