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Blank Page: Testimonials

There are no words that can really describe my gratitude for Ms. Lia and her team. I am a mother of six, a domestic violence victor and so much more! With Us in Mind, stepped in when I felt all hope was gone. Not only did she fight for me to keep my job, she showed up, spoke with the management, checked on me weekly until I was able to show the company that I was going to be reliable and an asset and not an liability. She advocating for me in ways that I didn't even know I needed. My oldest son came home and after four years of running the streets, he completed his GED and has a job, my family is doing amazing. She even got my abuser help, who does that, only Ms. Lia. Thank you to With Us in Mind for taking the hard cases and making them success stories. I now own a very profitable business, and its really all because of this organization.

Lisa Jones

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