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With Us in Mind, Inc at a Glance

A Distinct Identity

With Us in Mind, Inc. is an organization that focuses on serving the underserved and marginalized communities through various services such as substance abuse, domestic violence, community outreach, partnerships, supported housing and comprehensive case management services designed to promote economic independence by
challenging perspective, improving tangible skills, and inspiring the confidence to achieve. We are proud to share our values: Respect, Community; Commitment; Growth; Accountability; Strength; Understanding; Vitality; Accomplishments; Authenticity.

Services & Programs: Who We Are

Services & Programs

With Us in Mind Incorporated is a 501 (c)(3) organization that provides necessary assessments, training programs and social service support to our participants and public and private sector partners.


Career Readiness Training Program and Career Development Program: The CRT program is designed to train first time workers and career seekers as well as those re-entering the workforce field, while our advance course CDP is geared towards enhancing the skills of the participants with working and career focused experience.  

Training for Success courses includes: Effective communication, jobs vs. careers, professional emails and voicemail playback, cover letters, resumes and thank you letters, what’s on your social media, job search/career planning, trade programs, continued education assistance, dress for success, mock interviews, on-the-job training, job and career fairs, getting promoted, losing a job, unemployment and so much more.


Life Skills and Etiquette Training Program: This program reminds us that there are rules to life, acknowledges the importance of unlimited opportunities accessible to those who are willing to invest in themselves and ultimately become a viable citizen in their community and society as whole. 

Life by Design courses includes: Women to Women, Man to Man, raising your standards, knowing when and where, how and why, living safe and stress free, dinner with the family vs. dinner with the boss, leaving your personal problems at home, mind your business, stay in your lane, no religion or politics on the job, self-investing and so much more. 


Literacy Training Program: The LTP offers all of our participants, whether beginner, intermediate and or advance an opportunity to learn and or enhance their literacy skills. It challenges the participants to push beyond their comfort and strive towards personal and professional growth. 

Elevate: In a departure from most literacy programs which focus solely on reading and writing, this course is designed to enhance effective communication and oration while also incorporating functional mathematical literacy, financial literacy and civic/social literacy.  It utilizes engaging content, coupled with varying instructional techniques, for personal empowerment and increased proficiency in phonics, cadence, comprehension, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, enunciation and penmanship.


A Learned Follower is a Great Leader Program- The LFGLP has been develop specifically for our partners who are seeking to minimize their employee turnover, share a willingness to consider and hire skilled employees for positions naturally slated for degreed individuals and finally improve the workforce environment within their company. 

Forever Leaders is our Staff Development programs which offers both public and private sector agencies support services when seeking to address and enhance employee morale, participation, understanding, inappropriate and unacceptable behavior, organizational changes in leadership and structural changes, advancing from within and so much more. 


Continued Education Assistance Program:

Never too Late course includes: consultations with education advisors and referrals for general education development programs, high school diplomas, advanced education in two- and four-year institutions and much more. 

financial lit.png

Financial Literacy Training Program:

Money Matters course includes: Managing your paycheck, budgeting and saving, balancing a checkbook, investing Stocks/Bonds/CDs/ IRA’s, life insurance, college plans for your children, what is a credit score, why is your credit score important, fixing and maintaining your credit score, 401K’s, life savings and so much more.

wheel of health wealth.png

Health and Wellness Program:

Your Health is Your Wealth course includes:  health fairs, medical consultations and literature to address typical health concerns individuals face knowingly or unknowingly. The benefit of this program is to encourage our participants to become mentally and physically healthy thus having an impact in their personal and professional life. 

Additional programs include but are not limited to My Heartbeat- our mother’s program, geared to supporting women struggling with parenting and the day-to-day duties that it entails, Dad Life- is a program tailored for men struggling with being in their children’s lives, parenting, co-parenting and daily issues that it entails, Matters of the Heart- our Domestic Violence program which allows us to assist the victims who find themselves struggling to manage a healthy personal and professional life, as well as the perpetrator, who finds themselves acting out such volatile acts against innocent individuals and they find themselves struggling to reach their personal and professional potential, to name a few.

Services & Programs: Programs

Experience With Us in Mind, Inc

Working Towards a Brighter Future

At With Us in Mind, Inc, wellbeing is at the forefront of what we’re working together towards. Our programs and activities are designed to be a catalyst that helps community members reach their goals and fulfill their potential. Learn more about the positive impact we have and join us in bringing about positive change.

Our Life Skills Coaches, Domestic Violence Response Team, Therapist, Social Workers, Legal Advisors and Spiritual Leaders are here, willing, able and ready to help you. 

Services & Programs: Welcome
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